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Contact information and resources.

If you really are stuck on something, call me on my cell phone. But remember, I may not be able to retun your call immediately, so leave a number and a detailed message.
That number is 415 378 3542

Important Email Addresses and contact information
Kyle Brumbaugh
DDominic Bigue
Richard Hardt, cell 280-8135, two way# 49
Judith Puccini
Jim Stinnett,

Contact information for SMUHSD TSS staff (These people can be VERY useful if you need help!!!)
Richard Hardt :, cell 280-8135, two way# 49
Bob Underwood: , Cell# 280-3731, two way# 84
George Gayton:, cell# 280-3738, two way # 85
Saul Valera:, cell# 280-3740, two way# 87
Andreas Bungert:, cell# 280-3745, two way# 90
Carlo Montisano:, cell# 280-3741, two way# 88
Sheryl O'Connor:, cell 280-8136, two way# 50 or 558-2489

WWW Resources

* Rule One = All technology related service requests must go through Kyle Brumbaugh first. No exceptions, ever


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