Priority Matrix




Time Criticality

3 = high

No work around solution available. Impacts all or a significant percentage of users.

Interferes with classroom instruction or a mission critical business function or involves potential loss of mission critical information.

Activity or event is already in progress and cannot be made up or rescheduled and immediate action could eliminate or mitigate the problem or the condition is ongoing and persists until solved.


Impacts all or a significant percentage of users. Work around available for most.

Interferes with non-instructional student activity or departmental business function that does not impact the functioning of the campus or district as a whole.

Activity or event is scheduled to occur in the very near future but enough time remains to remedy the problem without impacting the event.


Impacts 1 to a few users. Work around available for all.

Makes completion of normal work tasks more difficult but not impossible.

Activity or event can be postponed without loss of productivity or is scheduled far enough in the future so that normal processes will lead to its completion on time.


Impact single user. Alternative easily available.

Interferes with student and faculty or staff recreational use of technology or non-business related use of office equipment.

No scheduled completion time is required and normal work can continue in the interim.


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