Lobster Day Afternoon and a trip to Lower Manhattan and Greenwich Village
Sunday May 23 through Friday the 27th

Lobster Day Afternoon

That 'fancy schmancy' meal ended up costing more than Dad bargained for. Both he and Diana spent Sunday in bed with mild food poisoning. Mom and I were wise to have avoided the lobster dinner thing at The Modern on Saturday night. They both developed a version of The Algonquins Revenge so were in no shape to do much of anything. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City#History_of_New_York_City
for a detailed history of this affliction.

So what can I say? Obviously I haven't kept this journal of our Great Adventure current. "Why" you ask. Well have you ever tried to keep up with two octegenarians in New York? Fuggedaboutit I tell ya. My parents are just way too fast.

But the week in a nutshell. Eat, walk, museums *the Metropolitan Museum is absolutely a treasure. I spent a good half hour just looking at one of Van Gogh's paintings, one with cypress trees that were glittering and twisting through the frame. It moved.

Photos are not allowed in the galleries. Security guards are everywhere, watching. In fact New York is watched over by thousands of formerly unemployed people wearing dark suits and ties. They carry two way radios, and most do not make conversation with tourists.

We did a lot of walking , and riding subways. New Yorkers seem to mostly be lean and not over weight. It might be the walking, or maybe the food is too expensive?

The World Trade Center site was just very, very sad. I won't detail why I say that, but there is no question that something very bad happened there. The spirit of that day lingers like a dark sky over the whole area, even on a sunny day like the day we visited.