Technical Support Survival Guide

This guide is for any person filling in for the Technical Support Group at Capuchino High School. If you have reached this page, it is because you have been authorized by it’s administrator.

This guide covers the basics here at Capuchino

Outside of “authorized projects” the TSG supports all school personnel for their IT needs, to include: The Avaya Phone System, All SMUHSD PC and Macintosh computers, the local area networks, wide area network connection and all related equipment.

You may be called on to assist users with application support as well as with the typical role of a computer tech. Remember, it pays to be organized and ready for anything.

How it works
We use a
priority matrix to assess each request on a scale of 0-9. Read it through and please try to adhere to it’s basic principles

Important: Open a Support Ticket using the “Ticket.mdb” database on the TSG Office PC. Fill in the fields in detail, and be sure to run a report at midday to update and clear all closed tickets. This database has help files linked to all objects.l Just mouse over to read tips on each step. The main switchboard has control buttons that open the various features. Use it!


This is not a Capuchino Computer User



Avaya Phone System

Network Integrity,Wan&Lan

Server security and functionality

Administration Office

Teacher PCs

Student Computer Labs

Ghosting ,re-imaging
PC Setup and Config

Apple Macintosh equipment

Plato Web Server

Contact information


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