Server security and functionality

AD1, IN1, IN2, Plato servers are all in the MDF closet located across from the Old ibrary in Building D.

The main thing here are the UPS systems that maintain power in the event of a power loss on campus. Never unplug the servers from the UPS, ever. They will maintain power long enough to take the servers down gracefully. Call Richard for specific instructions on how to power off the machines running Netware.
The Plato server is running on a Windows 2003 Server. Treat this one as you would any windows machine. Start/Shutdown etc. Select one of the drop down options to specify the type of shutdown then select Shutdown.
(See more about Plato elsewhere in this web)

Bringing the servers back up might be trickier if the Netware machines lost their SCSI Raid configuration, but call Richard in any event.

Basic rule with servers: Call Richard Hardt..:) Your lucky numbers are 2485, 2489. The Nextel can used in emergencies as well. Richard, Kyle, Olivia (Plant manager) are all stored.


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