Campus PCs

Teacher PCs security and functionality

Teacher workstations are in a state of flux, always. We are constantly moving in newer ones and upgrading as we go. So there is not much uniformity in the type of hardware problems we see in those machines. Don't assume anything about an apparent symptom. Use the basic rules of troubleshooting.
Check the cable connections, configuration, and recent history, if all those seem OK then if time allows go ahead and dig around for a solution. Remember the only thing that is not replaceable is DATA. Everything else is second im importance so do not use a course of action that will imperil the users data and files without knowing that it is backed up somewhere secure and safe.

Before you enter a classroom, make sure the teacher is OK with you being there. Be as discreet as possible while working and try to be as quiet and undisruptive as possible. Don't volunteer to do things for any users without checking with Kyle before you do it, including installation of software etc. This saves having to undo anything and keeps *Rule One in effect. ( All requests have to come through the Tech Coordinator first)

If a problem looks like it is going to take up a great deal of time, then ask Kyle if you can replace it with an upgraded machine or loaner. Then address the problem computer when time allows, back inthe office.

note:Teacher computer images are on file in the TSG Laptop Server. Run Ghost to re-image if you cannot resolve a OS related failure. But DO NOT do so until you have backed up ALL data and email files.


Student Computer Labs (Located in the Temporary Library, Room 299, 302, 307 and the Mac labs are in B12 and FP2)

These are the generally a lower priority (*normally) of all the PCs on campus. If one is not working right, then the user can move to one that is working.

Other than a major worm/virus attack, or a printing configuration problem the labs ought to be trouble free. As you know, wallpaper changing and downloading crap are the most common problems in the labs.

If it's critical that ALL of the labs computers be operational and one or two are not, go ahead and exchange them for working PCs.

Classroom miscellaneous technology: Televisions, VCRs, DVD players etc.

Most of these items are FRU's <field replaceable units> so if something breaks just find one that works to replace it. DVD players are new technology here so ask Kyle whenever someone requests one of these.

Note: Ghost images of student lab PCs are files on the TSG laptop server, and can be imaged if necessary.

Also any campus PC with Deep Freeze installed has the “typical” Capuchino admin passwords. The install file is always in a hidden folder in the root directory. First reveal the folder to uninstall DF if necessary.



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