Macintosh Equipment

There are two locations at Capuchino with macs. Maria Sky's graphics lab, and Dom Bigue's Video editing lab.

Maria's iMacs are all near the end of an imacs normal life span ( in a high school). The system batteries are prone to failure. The main issue with that is Time Keeping, and since Apple Talk networks use time as a metric to determine when to access the wire, battery failure can affect connectivity.

I have been able to "Lie to the iMacs" and get away with it to overcome the time keeping issue. Go to the Control Panel and select the Date/Time property sheet. If you set the clock to synch with a server, like the mother of all iMacs, the Apple Time server, then when the iMacs boot, they are automatically synched with the server time. So the battery is now not such an issue, and no one has to buy one, install one or ...

The Administrative password for all the imacs is "master". The administrative accounts all include a description of the iMac and a number.
There are two printers in that lab, one is an HP laserjet, the other an HP Colorjet ( nice!). Use the chooser to connect the imacs if they lose the printer configuration. I have been using a generic Post Script on the laserjet and the default driver for the Colorjet.

If you cannot connect via the network, check that the TCI/IP settings are OK, then check the Appletalk network settings. The zone name is CHS_main for the Appletalk network. We have both for printer sharing.

This lab can be difficult to trace cabling trouble as maria's brother and she have "re-arranged" ( the nice word for "thrashed") the topology to suit their needs. Needless to say there is no logic to what they have done, so just be patient and slow down a bit, and you will be able to parse it out. iMac software is in the filing cabinet if you need it. There are two resource books in my bookcase for Apple computers, feel free to use them.


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