Avaya Phones

Phone system: Avaya

Basic Reset:
1.Unplug the cable between the Phone and the Network Drop.
2. Plug back in to restart.
3. Press the " * " button to enter the programming mode.
4. To keep current settings and advance through the settings, use the " # " key..

5. The Most important setting of all is the VLAN ID. Set this to " 103 ", which is the VLAN ID for this campus.

6. If you have to change the extension, you will need the password, which can be one of three or four sets of passwords. ( thanks a lot to who ever set them up to begin with!!!) It should normally be "1,2,3,4," + # but it is anyone's guess on some of these.

7. The password/s is/are " 1,2,3,4," or " 1,2,3,4,5" or " 1,2,3" . If you press the "#" that will enter the password and hopefully that will accept the new extension.

8. Strongly Advise you to WRITE DOWN the extension number before you reset anything.

Complete Reset:

This is way more fun.

1. Press the "Mute" ( ) button

2. Using the Dial pad, press the following keys iun sequence: 7 3 7 3 8 # this spells "reset", in case you hadn't noticed.

Choose one of the following

Press "#" to restart the phone or " * " to terminiate the restart and return the phone to it's previous state.

If you really really want to reset then press the " * " key.

A confirmation tone sounds and the display prompts " Restart Phone?"

The choices are
* = No
#= yes

If you reset then you WILL need to re-enter the extension so make sure it is available before you reset.

Follow the prompts through the various settings. Keep all of them except make SURE that the VLAN is 103 and that the extension is correct for THAT location.

If there are TWO cables connected to this phone, i.e. to a PC and the wall jack, then you will need to pay attention when the PHYS interfaces setup appears.

Here, make sure that PHY2 and PHY1 are both ON / enabled or you won't have all the connected devices operating.

Once you reach the end of the setup , it will ask if you want to restart phone.

# = yes ( use that one...) and * = No

Sometimes the phone will take forever to restart or will fail to complete it's POST routine. Just restart it
If the settings are correct, then it will locate the DHCP server VIA it's VLAN ID and after it obtains an address it will be able to download a configuration file and start successfully.

The only settings that are critical are the VLAN ID *(103) and if the phone is totally reset, the extension.

Other phone issues:

The tendency to twist the handset cable and otherwise abuse the connections seems to be a common source of "my phone doesn't work" complaints. Replace the cables or cut the cable and attach new connectors using the crimping tool etc.

The big phones never break, so if they are not functioning , try the above routine for the big console phones as well.

If you need a user manual then go here: Avaya Tech Support 4602 Model Phones

If all fails ,call ,replace phone with a good working model to test line integrity , if it's hopeless then call Richard Hardt.


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